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Dates to Remember

2nd March - Surrey Heath Local Committee : 6.00pm, TBA. For details, see the SH Local Committee page at SCC.

5th March - Frimley Lodge Miniature Railway : 11.00am - 4.00pm, Frimley Lodge Park. See the FMLR Timetable for details.

20th March - End of Consultation on Ward changes : See the Article to the right on the proposed boundary changes to Frimley Green.

21st April - Society's AGM : 7.30pm, St. Andrews Church Hall, Frimley Green. Q&A Session after AGM with candidates for county councillor in the local area.

Surrey Heath Borough Council  

Planning Applications

Licensing Applications

SHBC Planning Policies

Under the Localism Act neighbourhood forums are community groups that are designated to take forward neighbourhood planning in areas without parish councils.

The DNF has been recognised by SHBC as the forum for the Deepcut Area, this is especially important on account of the PRB development (see below).

National Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch  

Info & advice to help make the right choices

Advice on Benefits, Social Networks, Health Issues or Support for Carers

Surrey I


For the latest news and updates on the development visit the Mindenhurst website.

For the very latest updates on what's going on, building works, road works, traffic problems etc, see the site run by Councillor Paul Deach. You can also join the email list to get regular updates sent to you.

Read more on this site about the Deepcut Development Project.

Basingstoke Canal Updates

The Society will be keeping abreast on what is happening with the Basingstoke Canal. You might like to read the article on the Basingstoke Canal Petition and the discussion of the funding of the canal.

For information on the maintenance and update work being done on the canal, see the latest bulletin or past bulletins from the Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society along with their quarterly magazine, the Basingstoke Canal News.

Farnborough Airport Concerns

There is a possibility of a further large increase in flights to Farnborough Airport, for more information see the Article by our chairman.

If you have any complaints or concerns about aircraft noise, the frequency and timing of flights, please contact the Society as we have a representative on the Farnborough Airport Consultative Committee (FACC) and on the Quiet Flying Programme working group of FACC. We are in a position to be able to make representations on your behalf and as a Society we carry more weight than an individual does.

If you wish us to take a complaint to FACC, it should be in writing and sent to us via mail or email.

As part of the Boundary Commission's recommendations that Surrey Heath Borough Council goes down from 40 councillors to 35, Frimley Green would expand to include part of Frimley. To quote from the draft report (Page 17, sections 51,52):

Frimley andFrimley Green
51 The Councilís submission proposed the transfer of electors into Frimley from Frimley Green, making Frimley Green a two member ward and retaining three members in Frimley. We received no other submissions for these areas.

52 We have altered the Councilís proposal and moved the northwest boundary of Frimley Green to run along the A325. This will transfer some electors from Frimley, which will become a two-member ward into Frimley Green which will stay as a three member ward. This allows for a better variance in both wards and a more identifiable boundary.

As can be seen from the map below, all of Frimley High Street would become part of the Frimley Green ward (in red), basically expanding the boundary from Johnson's Wax (in blue).

The recommendations and detailed maps are available on the Boundary Commissionís website at and

For more details on the whole process of consultation, read the Article on the Surrey Residents Network.

Update on the proposed Frimley Green traffic lights

UPDATE - On September 6th, the long awaited meeting with the Princes Royal Barracks Developer was convened where Frimley Green resident representatives had the opportunity to voice their concerns and discuss a way forward directly with the MOD. Also represented at the meeting were SCC, SHBC, SCC Highways, SHBC Traffic Engineering, SHBC Planning and the Developer's Managing Agent, DL Ahearn.

Following lengthy discussion where opposing views and opinions were exchanged, along with some technical and legal issues, it was agreed that Frimley Green resident representatives would write to both the MOD and SHBC Planning seeking a formal review of the proposal to install four-way traffic lights in Frimley Green as prescribed in the Planning Obligation. Frimley Green resident representatives have now sent a formal letter and hopefully expect a response within 28 days.

See STOPorGOFourWayTrafficLights on Facebook, a comprehensive guide to this issue set up by Cliff Hilton.

For more on the e-petition, see the Article on this site.

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