12th July 2018
Jan is awarded the British Empire Medal

Jan Thompson, one of our Committee Members has been awarded the British Empire Medal. On October 10th at Losely Park, the Lord-lieutenant of Surrey will present Jan with the Medal.

Jan describes in her own words the work for which she was awarded the Medal:

l have been with Farnborough and District Aphsia Group for 14 years, running the group as the Secretary. My aim has always been to help people with Strokes and Aphsia, l run three sessions a month, group meetings, pub lunches and various trips on Fridays. It's very rewarding for both the the Stroke Victims/Carers who need our help everyday.

l myself had 2 strokes in 1980 at the age of 32 years old and with a very young family of three boys Mark, Simon, Lee and a husband Terry at the time. Luckily I had my wonderful husband and family to support me as there was no groups around in 1980 to do so. l went to the Stroke Association group when its started in 1982 and went on to be a volunteer for 26 years, visiting members in their homes and working with them as well as in the group. I then started a new group Speakability before launching the Farnborough and District Stroke/Aphasia Group.

l was lucky as many people have no support from anyone, meeting up with our group has given them friendships that support them through all their illnesses and problems. l am so passionate with all my group members and Carers who have suffered with Strokes and Aphasia, my aim is to help them back to having confidence in regaining their life skills and very importantly to form new friendships.

I really enjoy all my work for the Farnborough and District Stroke/Aphasia Group and I am very proud to have received the British Empire Medal.