2nd March 2020

Repairs to Paths on the Frimley Green Village Green

Patched Path Graham O'Connell reports that there have been some patchwork repairs to the worst bits of the paths across Frimley Green Village Green. He says that we shall have to see how long it lasts, but the path is now safe.

Graham has been pestering officials for this to happen and says thanks should go to our local Frimley Green Councillor Sashi Mylvaganam for helping chase this along.

Planting Replacement Trees on the Green

On Monday, 24 February Graham O'Connell and Sodexo planted two replacement trees on the green. These replaced newly previously planted trees that had been damaged whilst routine maintenance work was done on the Green. One is a spring flowering cherry and the other winter flowering cherry, left and right pictures below.

Sadly, another of the previously planted trees has been snapped, middle picture below. This time by someone stealing the wooden support post. Graham said he would try and rescue the tree but it is a bit disheartening to see this happening.

Cherry Tree Damaged Tree Cherry Tree 2