26th June 2020
Update on Alternative Scheme to 4-Way Traffic Lights in Frimley Green

Update from Graham O'Connell:

The following is our latest update on what is happening in the long running traffic lights saga.

Earlier this week we had a Zoom meeting with County Councillor Paul Deach and SCC Highways Transport Development Planning Officer Andy Stokes.

alternative scheme It looks as though the developer (SKANSKA) and the planning authority are generally supportive of the improved roundabouts scheme which we proposed instead of traffic lights.

However, everyone is keen to ensure residents have a meaningful input and remain supportive of the roundabouts option rather than the original proposal of traffic lights. In case you need to refresh your memory, see the proposed changes to the roundabouts and from the last online meeting here are those plans explained.

You may recall that just before lockdown we were preparing for a long-promised public meeting. COVID-19 put paid to that and, in any event, many council staff were diverted from normal duties to assist with the handling of the pandemic.

What we have agreed to do now is to have an online public meeting plus the option for people to contribute questions, comments and vote on their preference by email if they cannot attend the live meeting.

This online public meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th July 2020 at 7pm. It will be live-streamed on Paul Deachís facebook page so that we are able to present the old and the new scheme in order that residents can make an informed choice as to which they prefer. There will also be an opportunity for residents to ask us all questions about the various schemes.

A County Council highways officer will be on hand to answer questions of a highways nature and we will also be inviting representatives from SKANSKA and Surrey Heath Borough Council to attend also.

I will send you a link to the meeting nearer the time but if you would like to attend please do get the date and time in your diary now. And if you canít attend I will also give you details of where you can vote. I think I can probably guess which way we will all vote but let's not miss the opportunity to finally put an end to any prospect of traffic lights.