29th July 2020
Frimley Green Traffic Lights - Your Chance to Vote

Update from Graham O'Connell:

On Wednesday 29th July we had a tremendous turnout to our online meeting and I am pleased to say it went really well. It was hosted by Councillor Paul Deach and Michael Gove MP gave a clear message of his support to get things started.

You can view the meeting - though I warn you it is 75mins long - on Paul Deach's Facebook page (you don't need to be a Facebook user to view it). It includes a short presentation on the background and on the two options which is then followed by lots of questions from the audience and answers from the panel. You can view it here:


At the end of the meeting there was a poll which resulted in a resounding 100% vote for our design to enhance the existing roundabouts (Option B) rather than traffic lights (Option A). That poll has now been opened up to everyone who could not attend the meeting and I would really encourage as many people as possible to vote - and to pass on this message to friends and neighbours too.

Both the Borough Council and the County Council Highways were represented at the meeting and they seem willing to change the plan for traffic lights and adopt our design for improved roundabouts but we still need those votes to seal the deal.

You can vote here: www.lights.vote.deachy.uk

4 Way Traffic Lights (Option A) - PDF Diagram
Enhanced Roundabouts (Option B) - PDF Diagram
Traffic Lights scheme Roundabouts scheme

Finally, thanks for all the messages of support I have received, they are much appreciated.

Graham O’Connell