4th September 2020
98% Vote Down Traffic Lights

Update from Graham O'Connell:

Local residents have spoken and overwhelmingly voted down 4-way traffic lights in favour of enhanced roundabouts as the people’s solution for traffic mitigation measures in our village, Frimley Green.

In the public poll over 2,800 people voted. 98% voted in favour of the residents’ design to improve the existing roundabouts and only 2% voted for 4-way traffic lights. That is a pretty resounding result and not a surprising one given the strength of local opinion canvassed; one that officials cannot now ignore.

On Thursday 3rd Sept we had an online meeting with Surrey County Councillor Paul Deach to feed back the results to Andy Stokes, SCC Highways Planning Officer. It now looks pretty certain that we will get enhanced roundabouts and not 4-way traffic lights and it was your votes that won the day!

We also fed back some of the concerns we had heard about the loss of some of the Green, the pedestrian crossing points and the speed of vehicles which were all duly noted. Andy will now go back to Skanska, the developer and Surrey Heath Borough Council and agree the next steps. This will involve a change to the legal agreement setting out the scope of the preferred scheme, which may need to go to the planning committee, and the Common Land application to do works on the Green.

Skanska will also be talking to their highways consultants about the detailed design - covering everything from the scope of works, materials to be used and even to where to plant replacement daffodils. As your representatives we will continue to be involved and we will get to be consulted and advise on all aspects of the proposed works.

So, technically, there is still much more to do but in terms of the primary objective of saying NO to 4-way traffic lights I think we can say we have now, at long last, won that argument. If it were not for COVID-19 restrictions we think we might have been having a little celebration on the Green… but maybe later!

A big thank you goes to everyone for your enduring support and for the tremendous turnout for the public vote. We will continue to keep you all appraised as the project moves forward and as we look to enhance and improve your village!

4 Way Traffic Lights - Voted Down
Enhanced Roundabouts - Voted for
Traffic Lights scheme Roundabouts scheme