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Dates to Remember

2nd-12th April - Easter Trail: Hunt for pictures of Easter Eggs in the Central SANG, get a reward. See Poster on the right or go to Mindenhurst Events.

6th May - County Council and PCC Elections : Nominations close on 8th April. See currently known PCC candidates from the BBC website

Most Events cancelled until further notice

Public Consultations

Mindenhurst virtual exhibition and consultation - See the virtual exhibition, fill in the feeback form and read about the Community Liaison Group.

Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum consultation - Chance for local residents to have their say on shaping and enhancing the Deepcut area.

Surrey Heath Borough Council  

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Planning Applications

SHBC Planning Policies

The Frimley Green Carnival Committee organises 3 events in the Frimley Green Area.

Any proceeds from the three events are distributed to local charities.

For information or questions like having a stall at the Carnival, email:

Under the Localism Act neighbourhood forums are community groups that are designated to take forward neighbourhood planning in areas without parish councils.

The DNF has been recognised by SHBC as the forum for the Deepcut Area, this is especially important on account of the PRB development (see below).

National Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch  

Info & advice to help make the right choices

Advice on Benefits, Social Networks, Health Issues or Support for Carers

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For the latest updates on the development visit the whats on page on the Mindenhurst website.

Read more on this site about the Deepcut Development Project.

Farnborough Airport Concerns

There is a possibility of a further large increase in flights to Farnborough Airport, for more information see the Article by our former chairman.

If you have any complaints or concerns about aircraft noise, the frequency and timing of flights, please contact the Society as we have a representative on the Farnborough Airport Consultative Committee (FACC) and on the Quiet Flying Programme working group of FACC. We are in a position to be able to make representations on your behalf and as a Society we carry more weight than an individual does.

If you wish us to take a complaint to FACC, it should be in writing and sent to us via mail or email.

Basingstoke Canal Updates

The Society will be keeping abreast on what is happening with the Basingstoke Canal. You might like to read the article on the Basingstoke Canal Petition and the discussion of the funding of the canal.

For information on the maintenance and update work being done on the canal, see the latest bulletin or past bulletins from the Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society along with their quarterly magazine, the Basingstoke Canal News.

Campaign against proposed Frimley Green traffic lights

04/09/2020 Update from Graham O'Connell

Local residents have spoken and overwhelmingly voted down 4-way traffic lights in favour of enhanced roundabouts as the people’s solution for traffic mitigation measures in our village, Frimley Green.

In the public poll over 2,800 people voted. 98% voted in favour of the residents’ design to improve the existing roundabouts and only 2% voted . for 4-way traffic lights. That is a pretty resounding result and not a surprising one given the strength of local opinion canvassed.

See the Full Update.

More information can be found on the STOP or GO Four Way Traffic Lights site on Facebook, a comprehensive guide to this issue set up by Cliff Hilton.

Society News

Graham O'Connell 01/04/2021- New Noticeboard installed on the Green Noticeboard

Graham O'Connell with the help of a neighbour, installed a new noticboard on the Green. The noticeboard is installed on opposite side of the Green to the old noticeboard, across the road from Frimley Green Methodist Church.

See the article on the noticeboard installed on the Green in Frimley Green for more.

MFG&D Society 30/03/2021- Improvements to the Green

Wooden Bins Two new attractive wooden bins provided by Surrey Heath Borough Council were installed on the Green today. This has come about due to the sterling efforts of Graham O'Connell and others in the Society along with help from our local Councillors.

The hope is that two more of these bins can be installed on the Green but this is dependent on getting the funding for them. See the article on the busy day on the Green in Frimley Green for more.

Graham O'Connell 18/03/2021- Local Resident's Documentary about Tawny Owl Chick

Census is coming One of our local residents, Kevin McCullen made a fascinating documentary about a Tawny Owl Chick hatched in a nest at the bottom of his garden. The documetary follows the Owl's progress from hatching until he is 3 months old. The documetary can be seen on Youtube at:

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On 7th October, the Secretary of State approved the Esso pipeline plan. Whilst there are some provisos relating to other areas, the plan with regards to our area is unchanged. So, for example, the St Catherine's Road SANGS will have works on it for many months, as we expected, but it will be put back in good order once work in our area is complete. (This is in para 4.61 in the Sec of State decision letter). The pipe laying plans and traffic orders as they affect our area have been approved.

Details can be found here

Esso is planning to replace 90km of the original 105km aviation fuel pipeline that runs from the Fawley Refinery near Southampton, to the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow. The map below shows the route of the original pipline through the Frimley, Deepcut area.

Full Article.