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Graham O'Connell 04/12/2019 - Update on Frimley Green Roundabout Solution

Update from Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton:

Things continue to move at a snail's pace but we do at least now have a drawing(pdf) we can share with you as to what is proposed for the main junction in Frimley Green (instead of traffic lights).

Roundabout Solution

See the Full Update.

MFG&D Society 18/10/2019 - Half Yearly Meeting

The Society's Half-Yearly meeting took place in St. Andrews Church Hall as usual. The guest speaker was Ken Clarke, the well known local historian, who gave a fascinating talk on Local Emergency Services Past to Present.

After the talk Graham O'Connell gave an update on the proposed traffic lights in Frimley Green, saying that the alternative scheme without traffic lights proposed by Graham and Cliff Hilton had been accepted by Surrey County Council Highways but a number of hurdles still have to be passed before acceptance by all the involved parties.

After the break our Chair Sue Cartwright introduced the newly elected SHBC Councillors Morgan Rise, Helen Whitcroft (Mytchett/Deepcut) and Sashi Mylvaganam (Frimley Green). We then had the usual Q & A session with SCC & SHBC Councillor Paul Deach, the newly elected SHBC Councillors, Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro (pictured with Sue) and PCSO Sian Hudson. The Councillors and PCC David Munro covered a varied range of questions, PCSO Sian Hudson alerted the meeting to the latest telephone scam being practised on elderley people.

Graham O'Connell 12/10/2019 - Acceptance of roundabout solution instead of traffic lights

Update from Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton:

We are very pleased to announce that Surrey County Council Highways have at last accepted our improved roundabouts design for Frimley Green as a suitable alternative to 4-way traffic lights. Hooray! It has only taken 1,460 days.

The legal agreement - which also involves the developer and the Borough Council - now needs to be amended. We have asked for a Public Meeting so that you can see the proposed design and be able to share your views before that final stage. We don't know yet just when that will be but we will be in touch as soon as we know more.

For more, see the Full Update.

MFG&D Society 12/09/2019 - Commemorative Bench on the Green refurbished

The MFG&D Society have refurbished the bench on Frimley Green Village green that was put there in 2002 by the Frimley Green Carnival Committee to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. As can be seen this has come up a treat!

The work was supervised and done by Graham O'Connell as part of the "Greening the Green" project

Commemorative Bench

MFG&D Society 04/09/2019 - Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Pavement Parking

On behalf of the Society Graham O'Connell made a written submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Pavement Parking. This has now been accepted and published. The Society's submission can be viewed here.

MFG&D Society 14/07/2019 - Frimley Green Carnival

Held on Sunday 14th July, the 2019 Frimley Green Carnival was a great success. There was a large and enthusiastic crowd, and luckily even though it was overcast it did not rain.

There were a great variety of stalls and events in the central arena. Amongst the stalls was the Society's. The Society ran a successful "Games of Phones" treasure hunt where participants had to guess where the 3 public phone were situated in the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut area A varied and entertaining program of events took place in the central arena on the Green, dance troups, competitions ending with an exciting football match between junior teams representing Arsenal and West Ham, refereed by SHBC Honorary Alderman Alan Whittart.

For a more detailed account, see the 2019 Frimley Green Carnival.

MFG&D Society 17/05/2019 - Annual General Meeting

The Society's AGM took place in St. Andrews Church Hall as usual. Due to Michael Gove having to cancel, the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro stepped in to give a presentation and a Q & A session with help from Police Sergeant Sandra Carlier, PCSOs Vince Wakeling and Sian Hudson.
Graham O'Connell then did a comprehensive presentation (pdf file) on the work of the Society in the last year.

This was followed by the Chair of the Frimley Green Carnival Committee, Mandy Withers who explained what their committee did and appealed for volunteers to join their committee and to help at the events that they run.

After the tea break motions to modify the constitution and raise the subscription to 5 were passed. All the officers and committee members were re-elected.

Before the usual Q & A session, 3 of the newly elected councillors introduced themselves. The Q & A session included the newly elected councillors, Paul Deach, the re-elected councillor for Mytchett/Deepcut and David Munro.

Graham O'Connell 12/04/2019 - PRESS RELEASE from Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton on the Frimley Green Junction

Graham and Cliff have released an update in the form of a Press Release on the Frimley Green Junction. At the moment it looks like SCC is rejecting the resident's plan in favour of a modified version of their own. Read the Press Release to find out where things stand and what you can do to try to influence the outcome.

Graham O'Connell 16/12/2018 - Unveiling of the Tree Carved Sculpture

The new tree carved sculpture was unveiled on the Green in Frimley Green. This was done by Graham O'Connell with help from Tony Moore, whose organisation, the Frimley Green Carnival Committee, has generously contributed funds to the "Greening the Green" project, see:

Graham O'Connell 21/10/2018 - Soldier Silhouette Ceremony

On the Green in Frimley Green, spring bulbs were planted in the morning and the British Legion Soldier Silhouette ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armistice marking the end of World War 1, took place in the afternoon. see:

Graham O'Connell 17/10/2018 - Community Orchard

The latest news on the Community Orchard in The Hatches, Frimley Green is that new trees are to be planted this autumn, see:

Graham O'Connell 17/10/2018 - Greening the Green

The "Greening the Green" project in Frimley Green is to get a tree sculpture, more spring bulbs, some new cherry trees and a British Legion Soldier Silhouette to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WW1, see:

MFG&D Society 15/10/2018 - Half Yearly Meeting

The Society's Half-Yearly meeting took place in St. Andrews Church Hall as usual. Due to our speaker having to cancel, Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton stepped into the breech. Graham talked first on the "Greening of the Green" project and then Graham and Cliff gave us an update on the proposed traffic lights in Frimley Green.

We were also lucky enough to have the Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro and Inspector Bob Darkens attending and after the tea break they had a Q & A session on policing in Surrey Heath. There was also the usual Q & A session with the local Councillors, see the Minutes (pdf).

Jan Thompson 10/10/2018 - Jan is awarded the British Empire Medal

Jan Thompson, one of our Committee Members has been awarded the British Empire Medal. On October 10th at Losely Park, the Lord-lieutenant of Surrey presented Jan with the Medal, see the full article.