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MFG&D Society MFG&D Society AGM 08/08/2022 - Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society AGM

Held on the 8th August, the AGM was attended by approximately 40 people. The AGM featured a talk on Blackwater Valley Nature Walks by Colin Wilson who is a local resident and a member of the Society. The talk was centred round his book on the subject and was well received by the audience. All of the books that he brought along with him were sold out by the end of the tea break.

This was followed by the Acting Chair, Graham O'Connell doing a rundown on what the Society has done over the past year. This included amongst other things, the work on the Green in Frimley Green, planting trees and wildfowers, commenting on the Hatches Railway Crossing replacement and perusing all local planning applications.

Following this an amendment to the constitution was voted on and passed. Then the Society treasurer, Carol Drew did a quick synopsis of the annual accounts. After this the Committee Members were re-elected by what appeared to be a unanimous vote.

After the Tea Break, there was a lively Q&A session with the local Councillors, Cliff Betton, Paul Deach, Morgan Rise and the Chair of the Surrey Heath Neigbourhood Watch, Jan Warwick. At end of the Q&A session, Jan Warwick gave a short talk on the Neighbourhood Watch.

Before the meeting closed there was the usual raffle.

MFG&D Society 10/07/2022 - Frimley Green Carnival 2022

Held on the 10th July, the 2022 Frimley Green Carnival was a great success. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this was the first Carnival since 2019. Luckily the weather was sunny and warm so was a great day for the Carnival. There was a large and enthusiastic crowd, a tremendous Carnival Procession which this year was mostly walking groups, bands along with Lotus cars and decorated motor scooters.

The procession was headed up two people carrying the Frimley Green Carnival Banner, followed by the Sandhurst and District Corps of Drums Marching Band and then a vintage car carrying the Mayor of Surrey Heath, Helen Whitcroft who is also one of our local councillors.

For a more detailed account along with photos of the Carnival, see the Frimley Green Carnival 2022.

MFG&D Society New Bench on the Green 21/06/2022 - New Bench on the Green

Update from Graham O'Connell:

Some time ago I liaised with SHBC about filling a gap in the defences around the Green and we agreed that as it was next to the bus stop a bench would be a good idea rather than more wooden posts. I'm pleased to say that today the bench has been installed. As it is bolted down it will be easy to move when the road widening takes place.

MFG&D Society Hatches Level Crossing 02/06/2022 - 2022 Platinum Jubilee Fun Day

The Platinum Jubilee Fun Day took place on 2nd June in Frimley Lodge Park. It was a great success, with large crowds, enjoying the event in the warm sunny weather.

The Society had a stall and ran a competition where people were asked to guess the weight of a cake.

See the Article for a more complete description

MFG&D Society Hatches Level Crossing 06/05/2022 - Public Meeting on replacing the Hatches Level Crossing

Network Rail (NR) held a well attended meeting at Frimley Green Club on 5th May. This was attended by three NR Executives, local residents and councillors and at least three Committee members from the local Resident’s Society.

In anticipation of this meeting, on 27th April Graham O'Connell summarised the Hatches Level Crossing Issues (pdf), having attended a previous meeting held on 5th April by NR.

See the Article for the report and summary on the meeting by David Whitcroft.

Also see the Presentation (pptx) from NR, gives more details on the Farnborough North and Hatches Level Crossing Project.

MFG&D Society 26/04/2022 - Society Submits Comments on the SHBC Draft Local Plan

The Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society have submitted comments in response to the consultation exercise on the SHBC Draft Surrey Heath Local Plan (pdf): Preferred Options (2019 – 2038).

For the Society's submitted response to SHBC, see the Comments on the Draft Local Plan (pdf).

MFG&D Society 08/04/2022 - The Level Crossing in The Hatches: An Update

Hatches Level Crossing As many of you will know Network Rail have been considering what to do about the level crossing in The Hatches, Frimley Green where the bridleway leads down to Farnborough North station. At the station they plan to put in a small footbridge and lifts (having changed their original plan to put in a large bridge with ramps which had caused an outcry in Farnborough). Now, without any prior consultation, they have come up with a plan to put in a large footbridge with ramps at the Frimley Green end. As there is not enough room at the current crossing the proposal is to put in the bridge further along at the end of Spencer Close.

On 5th April, Network Rail unveiled these plans at a drop-in event at the Frimley Community Centre. See the Full Article for visuals, diagrams, maps and the Society's response.

MFG&D Society FG Open Gardens Appeal 05/03/2022 - Frimley Green Open Gardens, New Gardens Appeal

Frimley Green Open Gardens 2022

This popular event raises lots of money for the Frimley Green Carnival Committee to give away to local good causes. Sadly the last couple of years have been difficult because of Covid issues.

However, they are now looking for new gardens in the village whose owners would be willing to support them by opening this year on Sunday 12th June 2-6pm. Could that be you?

To find out more please do have a chat with the organisers. Ring Geraldine Huggon on 01252 835311 or email Janice Ainsworth on  (please don't miss the 's' in the middle of that email!)

They will be delighted to hear from you and, once you know what is involved, it would be great if you could be part of this highly enjoyable and worthwhile event. 

MFG&D Society Planting Bird Cherry 01/12/2021- Tree Planting in Frimley Green

Councillor Paul Deach has acquired some trees from Surrey County Council to plant in our local area. The picture shows Graham O'Connell planting the first of of the trees with Paul Deach by the Green in Frimley Green.

The tree is a Prunus Padus, a Bird Cherry. It is a tough and resilient tree which flowers in late April or early May and has white almond-scented blossom. As a native tree it supports plenty of insect life including bees and the bitter dark fruits are loved by birds.

MFG&D Society 25/11/2021- More Improvements to the Green

Wooden Bin Wooden Bin Two new attractive fox-proof wooden bins were installed on the Green today.

Again this has come about due to the sterling efforts of Graham O'Connell and others in the Society along with help from our local Councillors and Surrey Heath Borough Council.

MFG&D Society 24/10/2021- Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society

Keep up with what is happening locally with the Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society. Find us on Twitter @MFGDSociety, on Facebook @MytchettFrimleyGreenDeepcutSociety and with lots more information on our website at And don’t forget there is also our Noticeboard on Frimley Green village green.

We aim to support our local community in many ways from planting trees to scrutinising planning applications, and from tackling rubbish to protecting our community assets. To support our work - which is all done by local volunteers - costs just £5 per year per household. We think that is pretty good value. Join in and add your £5 now - just visit our website at or drop us an email at

MFG&D Society 17/10/2021- Wildflower Planting in the Community Orchard

Wild Flower Planting The picture to the right may not look very glamorous but it shows just some of the 100 wildflower plug plants that Graham and Angela O’Connell have grown on at home and now planted out at the community orchard in The Hatches, Frimley Green. They have another 100 to go! 

Local residents Penny and Brian Drage have helped plant and maintain the orchard and have also kindly donated a selection of wildflower seeds too. For those interested in such matters the plants include a fantastical range of good old-fashioned names including Bird’s-foot Trefoil, Viper’s Bugloss, Cowslip, Oxeye Daisy, Field Scabious and Autumn Hawkbit. 

See the Full Article for more.

MFG&D Society 15/10/2021- Results of the Frimley Green By-Election 2021

Stuart Black was declared duly elected, the results can be seen below

Stuart Black Stuart Black Conservative and Unionist Party 896 votes
Jacques Olmo Jacques Olmo Liberal Democrat Party 877 votes
Christine Richards Christine Richards Labour Party 76 votes

You can see the official result of the election on the SHBC website here.

MFG&D Society 20/09/2021- Frimley Green By-Election 2021

The Frimley Green Ward by-election will take place on Thursday, 14 October 2021. There are three candidates running for the position, clicking on their images below will take you to their manifesto, pledges and bio.

Stuart Black
Stuart Black
Conservative and
Unionist Party
Jacques Olmo
Jacques Olmo
Liberal Democrat
Christine Richards
Christine Richards
Labour Party

The polling station for this election is the Frimley Community Centre, Balmoral Drive, Frimley, Camberley, GU16 9AR and will be open from 7.00am to 10.00pm.

For all the details of the election see the Frimley Green By-Election 2021 page on the SHBC Website.

MFG&D Society CanaryCraftivistists 17/09/2021- The Canarycraftivistists adorn the village sign

The #canarycraftivistists have done an interesting adornment of canaries to the Frimley Green village sign.

Crafted by local artists these canaries have been left to spark conversation about climate change.

As you know, canaries were once used as early warning signals for miners. They are also used here because of their cheerful yellow colour, symbolising hope. They have certainly caught the eye of many locals and raised a smile.

MFG&D Society 10/09/2021- Frimley Green By-Election 2021

Due to Councillor Ben Leach resigning his role as one of the councillors for the Frimley Green borough ward, if contested a by-election will take place on Thursday, 14 October 2021 to elect a new councillor for the ward.

The Deadline for nominations is 4pm - Friday, 17 September 2021. These will then be published on Monday, 20 September 2021 at 4.00pm.

For all the details of the election see the Frimley Green By-Election 2021 page on the SHBC Website.

MFG&D Society 10/08/2021- D3471 St Catherine’s Road, Frimley - Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2021

Surrey County Council proposed to make the above-mentioned Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in that length of D3471 St Catherine’s Road, Frimley that extends from its junction with D3588 Keaver Drive, to the access road to “The Grange”. This Traffic Order is required to enable

(i) Kelly Group/BT Openreach to carry out poling and/or cabling works and/or maintenance works - this was completed 8th July, see Kelly Group Diversions map (pdf) for details

(ii) Eurovia Contracting South to carry out detailed engineering design and/or installation of Esso replacement fuel pipeline, starting on 2nd August and lasting for 10 days. See see Eurovia Diversions map (pdf) for details.

These works were anticipated to be carried out as soon as possible within the 12 month period of operation of this Temporary Order that commenced on 06 July 2021.

MFG&D Society 26/06/2021- Hatches Railway Level Crossing Proposal

Hatches Level Crossing As part of their continuing national Level Crossing Risk Reduc1ion Programme, Network Rall is proposing to close the Hatches level crossing and replace it with a footbridge.

A brief outine of the proposed work is below:

  • Full closure of the Hatches level crossing.
  • Creation of a stepped or ramped footbridge going over the railway, diverting the right of way going over the crossing.
  • The existing path linking the crossings at Farnborough North and Hatches to be downgraded from a Bridleway to a Footpath.
  • This footpath will be extended around the Fisheries Lake.

Graham O'Connell from the Society has wrtten a crtique, giving the background, safety record, recent changes, noise problems, the reasons why he thinks that Network Rail are making this proposal to replace the current level crossing. This is followed by a discussion of possible options for replacing or improving the level crossing, including the footbridge option proposed by Network Rail. You can read about it in the Hatches Railway Level Crossing article on this website.

MFG&D Society 10/06/2021- Mytchett Crossroads Telecoms Tower - 21/0456/GPD

Update from David Whitcroft:

I am happy to advise that SHBC has refused permission for the above for the following reasons:

The proposed development, by reason of its siting and appearance, would have a dominant and intrusive impact upon the streetscene and for the occupiers of nearby residential properties resulting an adverse impact on local character and residential amenity, failing to comply with Policy DM9 of the Surrey Heath Core Strategy and Development Management Policies 2012.

The proposed development, by reason of its siting, would have an adverse impact upon visibility south from the road junction of Coleford Bridge Road onto Mytchett Road resulting in conditions prejudicial to highway safety failing to comply with Policy DM11 of the Surrey Heath Core Strategy and Development Management Policies 2012.

In the end, there were 21 letters against the proposal and one in favour.

Graham O'Connell Potting shed 18/05/2021- Gardens opening in Frimley Green

Two gardens in Frimley Green will be opening under the National Garden Scheme (NGS) to support Nursing and Health Charities on Sunday 6th June. Admission is by pre-booked ticket only. Details can be found at

These two attractive, organic and award winning wildlife-friendly gardens will also be offering teas and some excellent plants for sale. Featured in Surrey Life, there are colourful flower borders, roses, peonies, vegetables, cottage favourites and rarer species too.

The money goes via the NGS to organisations like Macmillan, Marie Curie, HospiceUK, Parkinsons & many more. Admission is £4.50 and there are timed slots from 1:30 to 5:30pm. Entry will be via the first garden Oakleigh at 22 The Hatches. Tea and cake will be available at the second garden, Wildwood, just a few yards away. All suitable Covid precautions will be in place including a one-way system.

See the Full Article for more.

MFG&D Society Census is coming 06/05/2021- MFG&D Society named a Census Champion

The Society received recognition for the work done in raising awareness of the Census, below is the message thanking two of our committee members Graham O'Connell, Jacques Olmo and the Society:

 Dear Graham And Jacques,

I want to say thank you for everything you and the Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society have done to help raise awareness of the Census over the past few months. As a token of our appreciation, please find attached a Census champion certificate, with our heartfelt thanks. Together, you have helped ensure a successful Census turnout across Surrey Heath and we are so very grateful for your time and effort.

With thanks and best wishes,

Emma Albery | Census Engagement Manager North Surrey | Office for National Statistics

MFG&D Society 17/04/2021- Frimley Green and Mytchett Division Hustings

The Surrey County Council local elections will be held on Thursday 6th May 2021. The Society will be holding an online Hustings (a Q&A with all the candidates) for the Frimley Green and Mytchett Division on Zoom on Sunday 25th April at 7:30pm.

We will send you a link so you can join this Zoom meeting nearer the time, probably on the day or the day before. All residents are welcome to join this meeting so please feel free to forward this to other local contacts who you think may be interested. If you are not a member on the Society's email list please email to register your interest and we will send you the link.
See the 2021 SCC Election - Frimley Green and Mytchett Division Hustings page for details.

Graham O'Connell 01/04/2021- New Noticeboard installed on the Green Noticeboard

Graham O'Connell with the help of a neighbour, installed a new noticboard on the Green. The noticeboard is installed on opposite side of the Green to the old noticeboard, across the road from Frimley Green Methodist Church.

See the article on the noticeboard installed on the Green in Frimley Green for more.

MFG&D Society 30/03/2021- Improvements to the Green

Wooden Bins Two new attractive wooden bins provided by Surrey Heath Borough Council were installed on the Green today. This has come about due to the sterling efforts of Graham O'Connell and others in the Society along with help from our local Councillors.

The hope is that two more of these bins can be installed on the Green but this is dependent on getting the funding for them. See the article on the busy day on the Green in Frimley Green for more.

Graham O'Connell 18/03/2021- Local Resident's Documentary about Tawny Owl Chick

Census is coming One of our local residents, Kevin McCullen made a fascinating documentary about a Tawny Owl Chick hatched in a nest at the bottom of his garden. The documetary follows the Owl's progress from hatching until he is 3 months old. The documetary can be seen on Youtube at:

MFG&D Society 26/02/2021- Mytchett, Frimley Green & Deepcut Society's Zoom Meeting

Deepcut 1908 On Friday 26th February, the Society held its first Zoom meeting, 37 people attended. The meeting was chaired by Sue Cartwright and consisted of a presentation, followed by Q&A session with local Councillors, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) along with the Surrey Heath Police Borough Commander. Finally there was a short report from the Society's Treasurer.

Graham O'Connell gave a fascinating presentation titled A Glimpse of Local History: Pictures of the Past (ppt). This was very well received by the audience.

At the Q&A session the local Councillors Sashi Mylvaganam, Helen Whitcroft, PCC David Munro and Borough Commander Alick James each gave a quick 1 minute introduction. Following this they took questions from the audience. After a hesitant start there was a wide ranging Q&A session.

Finally the Society's Treasurer, Carol Drew gave s short report along with a request that members pay their dues, by standing order if possible.

MFG&D Society 09/02/2021- The Census is Coming - Sunday 21st March

Census is coming By taking part, you can help to inform decisions on the services that shape your community, such as healthcare, education and transport.
For more information, visit or contact Emma Albery, Census Engagement Manager by email at:
See the Full Article for more.

MFG&D Society 19/10/2020- Basingstoke Canal Presentation

James Taylor, the Strategic Manager – Basingstoke Canal, gave a presentation on the Basingstoke Canal at the Society's Monthly Zoom Committee Meeting. This covered a description of the canal, its history, ownership, financial support, maintenance and development. The roles of the Basingstoke Canal Authority and the all volunteer Basingstoke Canal Society in the maintenance and development of the canal were also covered. You can view the powerpoint presentation at:


MFG&D Society Newsletter icon 02/10/2020- Berkeley Homes proposals for the future of 22-30 Sturt Road

Berkeley Homes welcome members of the local community to have a say on their proposals for the future of 22-30 Sturt Road. Please visit:

Find out more about their plans, and to give your feedback.

To request any paper copies of either the information boards or feedback form, please contact:

020 8051 8719 or

On 1st October, representatives from the Society attended an online meeting about the Berkeley Homes proposals, you can see a synopsis of the meeting here.

Graham O'Connell & Cliff Hilton 04/09/2020- 98% Vote Down Traffic Lights

Local residents have spoken and overwhelmingly voted down 4-way traffic lights in favour of enhanced roundabouts as the people’s solution for traffic mitigation measures in our village, Frimley Green.

In the public poll over 2,800 people voted. 98% voted in favour of the residents’ design to improve the existing roundabouts and only 2% voted for 4-way traffic lights. That is a pretty resounding result and not a surprising one given the strength of local opinion canvassed; one that officials cannot now ignore.

On Thursday 3rd Sept we had an online meeting with Surrey County Councillor Paul Deach to feed back the results to Andy Stokes, SCC Highways Planning Officer. It now looks pretty certain that we will get enhanced roundabouts and not 4-way traffic lights and it was your votes that won the day!

See the Full Update.

Graham O'Connell 24/08/2020- Local Artist is up for a People’s Award

Local Frimley Green artist, Jane Diana Scott-Malden, is up for a People’s Award in the Lightbox’s Victoria Square art exhibition. This interesting exhibition is now available to view online, go to:

Known by many in the area as Diana Jane, she has exhibited her work in previous years as part of the Surrey Artists’ Open Studios, which like many things did not go ahead this year. So it is great to be able to see her very creative photographic art as part of this well-known exhibition.

For anyone wishing to vote here are a few essential tips. Click the word ‘vote’ at the bottom left of the gallery. This will bring up an email. Write ‘vote’ in the subject box and the artist’s name in the message box.

If you would like to see more of Diana Jane’s work go to:

Graham O'Connell 29/07/2020- Frimley Green Traffic Lights - Your Chance to Vote

Update from Graham O'Connell:

On Wednesday 29th July we had a tremendous turnout to our online meeting and I am pleased to say it went really well. It was hosted by Councillor Paul Deach and Michael Gove MP gave a clear message of his support to get things started.

At the end of the meeting there was a poll which resulted in a resounding 100% vote for our design to enhance the existing roundabouts (Option B) rather than traffic lights (Option A). If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can vote at:

This is an abreviated version of the update, for the comprehensive version, see the full update from Graham O'Connell.

Graham O'Connell 13/07/2020- Frimley Green Traffic Lights Online Public Meeting

Frimley Green Open Gardens Graham O'Connell has sent out an update about the forthcoming online public meeting on 4-Way Traffic Lights or Improved Roundabouts in Frimley Green being held on Wednesday 29th July 2020 at 7pm.

Attending the meeting will be very straightforward. You will be able to just listen in or participate, though the numbers attending may limit that participation. You will be able to vote at the end of the meeting or, if you cannot attend, you will still be able to vote for a day or two after the meeting.

Time to Decide - Your one and only chance to vote for the future traffic mitigation measures for our village, this Online Public Meeting will decide the way forward.

Register in advance to attend and/or vote.

Graham O'Connell 26/06/2020- Update on Alternative Scheme to 4-Way Traffic Lights in Frimley Green

Update from Graham O'Connell:

The following is an abridged version of our latest update on what is happening in the long running traffic lights saga.

Earlier this week we had a Zoom meeting with County Councillor Paul Deach and SCC Highways Transport Development Planning Officer Andy Stokes.

What we have agreed to do now is to have an online public meeting plus the option for people to contribute questions, comments and vote on their preference by email if they cannot attend the live meeting.

This online public meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th July 2020 at 7pm. It will be live-streamed on Paul Deach’s facebook page so that we are able to present the old and the new scheme in order that residents can make an informed choice as to which they prefer. There will also be an opportunity for residents to ask us all questions about the various schemes.

See the Full Update.

Graham O'Connell 10/06/2020 - Correspondence between Graham O’Connell and Tim Pashen, acting SHBC CEO on the report on the former CEO

Graham O'Connell acting on behalf of the MFG&D Society has now released the correspondence between him and Tim Pashen, acting Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) CEO on the report into the payment of an additional duties allowance to the former CEO Karen Whelan:

MFG&D Society Newsletter icon 09/06/2020- The Society releases its first online newsletter

Up to now the Society has not created any online newsletters but in the absence of our AGM this spring, we thought we ought to at least update our members on a few things. You can find the Newsletter at the following link:

This newsletter gives an account of what we have been doing over the last year and what we are currently planning and doing.

Graham O'Connell 03/06/2020 - Frimley Green Open Gardens

Frimley Green Open Gardens Two gardens in Frimley Green will be opening on Wednesday 10th June for charity under the National Garden Scheme. Entry will be by pre-booked ticket only. A combined ticket for both gardens is just £4.50. Timed tickets will ensure you have up to an hour to look around. Numbers will be strictly limited.

Tickets go on sale on Monday 8th June and are expected to sell out quickly. Go to:
(it will be listed under Oakleigh, Surrey)

See the Article on this site for more information.

Graham O'Connell 20/05/2020 - VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations in the Hatches, Frimley Green

As a follow up to the piece on the 1945 celebratory street parties, Graham O'Connell describes what was done to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day in the Hatches, Frimley Green:

The 75th Anniversary of VE Day was on Friday 8th May 2020. Sadly, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown, it was not possible to have street parties. Many local residents in the three villages however were determined, with their usual inventiveness, to still mark the day.

See the Full Piece for more.

Graham O'Connell 03/05/2020 - VE Day Street Parties in 1945

In anticipation of VE Day on Friday 8th May, Graham O'Connell has written a short piece on the 1945 celebratory street parties in the local area:

Like almost everywhere in the country there were plenty of local celebrations. A large bonfire was built on the crest of the hill in the Recreation Ground, Frimley Green. The landlord of the Rose and Thistle brought his radiogram onto the green to play and there were also celebrations on Watchett’s Recreation Ground.

Over the next few days a spate of street parties were organised, in Hamesmoor Road, Chobham Road, The Hatches, Mytchett Road and Buckhurst Road to name but a few.

See the Full Piece for more.

Graham O'Connell 22/04/2020 - MFG&D Society's letter to SHBC in response to the Report on payments to the former CEO

Following the independent investigation into the payment of an additional duties allowance to the then Chief Executive Karen Whelan, Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) has published a redacted copy of the report (pdf), in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Graham O'Connell on behalf of the Society has sent following letter in response to the report:

There are 20 points in Graham's letter, amongst which he questions the amount of redaction used, asks for for more information and makes some suggestions.

You can see the actions taken by SHBC in their Release Statement on the Report.

Graham O'Connell 02/03/2020 - Repairs to Paths on the Frimley Green Village Green

Patched Path Graham O'Connell reports that there have been some patchwork repairs to the worst bits of the paths across Frimley Green Village Green. He says that we shall have to see how long it lasts, but the path is now safe.

Graham has been pestering officials for this to happen and says thanks should go to our local Frimley Green Councillor Sashi Mylvaganam for helping chase this along. See the Full Article for more.

Graham O'Connell 24/02/2020 - Planting Replacement Trees on the Green

Cherry Tree Graham O'Connell and Sodexo planted two replacement trees on the green. These replaced newly previously planted trees that had been damaged whilst routine maintenance work was done on the Green.

One is a spring flowering cherry and the other winter flowering cherry, see the Full Article for more.

MFG&D Society 20/01/2020 - Skanska Presentation

Skanska led by Mr Peter Cater gave a presentation at the monthly committee meeting on improvements that are to be made to Deepcut Bridge Road (DBR) as part of the S106 gains associated with the Mindenhurst Development. Attending the presentation along with the committee members were members of the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum.

People at the meeting expressed concerns regarding a third Pedestrian Crossing (considered unnecessary), the parking provision on the opposite side of DBR from the existing shops, the lack of proper public consultation prior to the lodging of Planning Application 19/2193 (Skanska were urged to hold a formal public meeting on the issue) and the lack of differing road surfaces which had earlier been indicated by Skanska would form part of the project.

Graham O'Connell 04/12/2019 - Update on Frimley Green Roundabout Solution

Update from Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton:

Things continue to move at a snail's pace but we do at least now have a drawing(pdf) we can share with you as to what is proposed for the main junction in Frimley Green (instead of traffic lights).

Roundabout Solution

See the Full Update.

MFG&D Society 18/10/2019 - Half Yearly Meeting

The Society's Half-Yearly meeting took place in St. Andrews Church Hall as usual. The guest speaker was Ken Clarke, the well known local historian, who gave a fascinating talk on Local Emergency Services Past to Present.

After the talk Graham O'Connell gave an update on the proposed traffic lights in Frimley Green, saying that the alternative scheme without traffic lights proposed by Graham and Cliff Hilton had been accepted by Surrey County Council Highways but a number of hurdles still have to be passed before acceptance by all the involved parties.

After the break our Chair Sue Cartwright introduced the newly elected SHBC Councillors Morgan Rise, Helen Whitcroft (Mytchett/Deepcut) and Sashi Mylvaganam (Frimley Green). We then had the usual Q & A session with SCC & SHBC Councillor Paul Deach, the newly elected SHBC Councillors, Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro (pictured with Sue) and PCSO Sian Hudson. The Councillors and PCC David Munro covered a varied range of questions, PCSO Sian Hudson alerted the meeting to the latest telephone scam being practised on elderley people.

Graham O'Connell 12/10/2019 - Acceptance of roundabout solution instead of traffic lights

Update from Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton:

We are very pleased to announce that Surrey County Council Highways have at last accepted our improved roundabouts design for Frimley Green as a suitable alternative to 4-way traffic lights. Hooray! It has only taken 1,460 days.

The legal agreement - which also involves the developer and the Borough Council - now needs to be amended. We have asked for a Public Meeting so that you can see the proposed design and be able to share your views before that final stage. We don't know yet just when that will be but we will be in touch as soon as we know more.

For more, see the Full Update.

MFG&D Society 12/09/2019 - Commemorative Bench on the Green refurbished

The MFG&D Society have refurbished the bench on Frimley Green Village green that was put there in 2002 by the Frimley Green Carnival Committee to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. As can be seen this has come up a treat!

The work was supervised and done by Graham O'Connell as part of the "Greening the Green" project

Commemorative Bench

MFG&D Society 04/09/2019 - Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Pavement Parking

On behalf of the Society Graham O'Connell made a written submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Pavement Parking. This has now been accepted and published. The Society's submission can be viewed here.

MFG&D Society 14/07/2019 - Frimley Green Carnival

Held on Sunday 14th July, the 2019 Frimley Green Carnival was a great success. There was a large and enthusiastic crowd, and luckily even though it was overcast it did not rain.

There were a great variety of stalls and events in the central arena. Amongst the stalls was the Society's. The Society ran a successful "Games of Phones" treasure hunt where participants had to guess where the 3 public phone were situated in the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut area A varied and entertaining program of events took place in the central arena on the Green, dance troups, competitions ending with an exciting football match between junior teams representing Arsenal and West Ham, refereed by SHBC Honorary Alderman Alan Whittart.

For a more detailed account, see the 2019 Frimley Green Carnival.

MFG&D Society 17/05/2019 - Annual General Meeting

The Society's AGM took place in St. Andrews Church Hall as usual. Due to Michael Gove having to cancel, the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro stepped in to give a presentation and a Q & A session with help from Police Sergeant Sandra Carlier, PCSOs Vince Wakeling and Sian Hudson.
Graham O'Connell then did a comprehensive presentation (pdf file) on the work of the Society in the last year.

This was followed by the Chair of the Frimley Green Carnival Committee, Mandy Withers who explained what their committee did and appealed for volunteers to join their committee and to help at the events that they run.

After the tea break motions to modify the constitution and raise the subscription to £5 were passed. All the officers and committee members were re-elected.

Before the usual Q & A session, 3 of the newly elected councillors introduced themselves. The Q & A session included the newly elected councillors, Paul Deach, the re-elected councillor for Mytchett/Deepcut and David Munro.

Graham O'Connell 12/04/2019 - PRESS RELEASE from Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton on the Frimley Green Junction

Graham and Cliff have released an update in the form of a Press Release on the Frimley Green Junction. At the moment it looks like SCC is rejecting the resident's plan in favour of a modified version of their own. Read the Press Release to find out where things stand and what you can do to try to influence the outcome.

Graham O'Connell 16/12/2018 - Unveiling of the Tree Carved Sculpture

The new tree carved sculpture was unveiled on the Green in Frimley Green. This was done by Graham O'Connell with help from Tony Moore, whose organisation, the Frimley Green Carnival Committee, has generously contributed funds to the "Greening the Green" project, see:

Graham O'Connell 21/10/2018 - Soldier Silhouette Ceremony

On the Green in Frimley Green, spring bulbs were planted in the morning and the British Legion Soldier Silhouette ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armistice marking the end of World War 1, took place in the afternoon. see:

Graham O'Connell 17/10/2018 - Community Orchard

The latest news on the Community Orchard in The Hatches, Frimley Green is that new trees are to be planted this autumn, see:

Graham O'Connell 17/10/2018 - Greening the Green

The "Greening the Green" project in Frimley Green is to get a tree sculpture, more spring bulbs, some new cherry trees and a British Legion Soldier Silhouette to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WW1, see:

MFG&D Society 15/10/2018 - Half Yearly Meeting

The Society's Half-Yearly meeting took place in St. Andrews Church Hall as usual. Due to our speaker having to cancel, Graham O'Connell and Cliff Hilton stepped into the breech. Graham talked first on the "Greening of the Green" project and then Graham and Cliff gave us an update on the proposed traffic lights in Frimley Green.

We were also lucky enough to have the Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro and Inspector Bob Darkens attending and after the tea break they had a Q & A session on policing in Surrey Heath. There was also the usual Q & A session with the local Councillors, see the Minutes (pdf).

Jan Thompson 10/10/2018 - Jan is awarded the British Empire Medal

Jan Thompson, one of our Committee Members has been awarded the British Empire Medal. On October 10th at Losely Park, the Lord-lieutenant of Surrey presented Jan with the Medal, see the full article.